In past years, traditional lawn care companies have neglected the benefit of healthy soil. Relying exclusively on processed fertilizer and frequent broadcast applications of herbicides and insecticides, the soil has become lifeless. These practices render the landscape dependent on the chemical applications. These practices also treat all the landscapes the same.

Midwest Landscaping’s programs combine all the necessary elements for a healthy and attractive lawn. Also, not all landscapes are the same, so we individualize each landscape. Your landscape is analyzed and treated for its own needs and challenges. Our natural products will add all the essential elements your lawn needs to stay healthy and green.


Our fertilization program consists of five granular feedings of organic-based fertilizer per year. Each feeding builds a foundation of healthy, living soil.

Core Aeration

Aeration increases the infiltration of water and nutrients to the soil, stimulates root and shoot growth, increases the lawn's drought tolerance and improves its overall health.


Over-Seeding benefits you and your lawn by developing a thick, lush and growing turf. By thickening your lawn, weeds and moss have a difficult time getting established.

Weed Management

Weeds can be better controlled in the lawn by building a thick, vigorous stand of grass plants, inhibiting weed seed germination. Human beings hate weeds. We have for centuries and to this day weeds still get the better of us. We dislike them so much that most people can probably name more weed types than grass varieties. Weeds are the toughest pests to control organically, because most weeds are very successful plants.

When the environment is favorable for good plant growth, weeds also excel. We recommend some tolerance of weeds; monoculture plantings are very difficult to maintain without resorting to herbicides. Mother Nature wants diversity in her natural pattern. Her plan also includes thinning out the weak and sickly. If lawns are thin and unhealthy, stronger weeds waste little time in overpowering the area.




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