Your new landscape begins with a dream. A dream you have of beautiful gardens, majestic trees and changing colors. Landscaping is the fabric that ties together all the exterior elements of your property. It is an investment that will add value to your property while adding beauty at the same time. If you want a professional landscape company that protects you and your investment, is reputable and dedicated to customer satisfaction, your best choice is Midwest Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc.

Custom Design Services

Midwest Landscaping has a staff of Registered Landscape Designers with years of experience. Before any installation, a unique design is made up according to the client's needs and the characteristics of the site. By simply ‘listening’ to the thoughts and suggestions of the client, our design team ensures a successful design that will fit any landscape situation.

Our approach to landscaping involves a unique three-step process:

  • First, we help our clients define the perfect look.
  • Second, we suggest the materials and plants that will better achieve that look. For this, our experts always keep an eye on value, durability, and easy maintenance.
  • Third, we perform the installation work reliably, expediently, and with utmost care.

Once a design is created Through this process, each client's dream becomes reality.


Midwest Landscaping strives to use only the best available plants. We use only plants that are proven to grow well in this area and that have interesting and beautiful characteristics, usually in multiple seasons of the year. Whether it's a shade tree, an evergreen shrub or a perennial, we'll always do our very best to make sure that it's installed properly and sited appropriately, so it can beautify your landscape investment throughout the years.


Midwest Landscaping can design and install decorative and functional patios, walks, driveways, and retaining walls that are safe and will last throughout the years. We can create hardscapes for you that will not only increase your usable outdoor living space, but will be attractive and will complement your home. Midwest Landscaping has over fifteen years of experience designing and installing beautiful patios, retaining walls, walks and driveways, and would love the opportunity to make you one of our satisfied customers.

Exterior Lighting

A good lighting design will help to safely move people through your landscape while accenting focal points in the garden and showing off the beauty of your outdoor living space even after dark. Midwest Landscaping's experienced staff can create a lighting design that shows off the best of your landscape. We use top-quality lighting products that are functional and attractive, yet blend into the landscape until it's their time to shine.

Water Features

A water feature can add tranquility or pizzazz to even the smallest landscape. We always use top-quality products to ensure that each pond lasts throughout the years. From tumbling waterfalls to trickling streams and peaceful koi ponds, Midwest Landscaping is experienced in creating water features that our customers love.

Specialty Gardens

The possibilities for any given landscape or garden are virtually endless. At Midwest Landscaping we will assist you in creating the particular style of landscape you're looking for. Whether you're looking for a natural landscape, a formal design, a cottage garden, a butterfly garden or anything else you can dream of, Midwest Landscaping will be happy to help.

Other Services

Midwest Landscaping is happy to offer a variety of maintenance services throughout the year to help keep your landscape investment beautiful. Trust Midwest Landscaping with all your landscape needs.

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